Missions Engagement Strategy

From Short-termer to Vocational Missionary

There has been a growing awareness of the need for churches to have a Missions Engagement Strategy that is both intentional and also developmental in helping Christians experience and move forward in their missions journey. This begins with a short-term missions exposure and ends with being sent out as a vocational missionary.

At One Challenge Singapore, we have recognized that need and have developed a four stage approach to help Christians grow in their missions experience and engagement in a structured and developmental framework.

This is illustrated by the diagram below:

missions engagement strategy

issions 101:
Education & Exposure

We offer the Missions 101 program to churches that would like help in mobilizing their members to be take the first steps in their missions journey. Beginning with the Missions 101 stage which is typically a week-long Missions Education and Exposure opportunity in a team that encompasses the following:

  • Requires no previous missions experience needed
  • Pre-departure training & preparation that covers these areas:
    • Biblical basis for missions
    • Research of people group & their religion
    • Basic conversational language training – phrases
    • Cross-cultural sensitivity training
    • Team training sessions

The Missions 101 program is currently available at 2 ministry sites located in Indonesia (Java) and Japan.

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issions 201:
Exposure & Experience

The Missions 201 program builds on the participant’s team experience on an earlier Missions 101 trip and allows the participant to take his missions journey to the next level. This would typically encompass the following:

  • Missions 101 experience required
  • Moderate cost (Between $500 – $2k)
  • 1 – 3 month program with an OC field or National partnering ministry assisting the field missionary or national worker
  • Regular supervision (via Skype) by an OC Singapore missionary
  • Preparation & orientation by OC Singapore prior to departure:
    • Research of people group & their religion
    • Basic language training – phrases
    • Cross-cultural sensitivity

The Missions 201 program is currently available at 2 ministry sites located in Cambodia and Japan.

issions 301:
Experience & Engagement

The Missions 301 program allows the participant to take his missions journey to the next level by providing a 1 – 2 year opportunity to serve alongside a field team. Working under the supervision of a field missionary or national worker, this program enables the participant to be wholly engaged in ministry as a portion of the time will be spent in language learning in order to have an effective ministry.

The Missions 301 program is currently available at ministry sites located in Japan.

issions 401:

The Missions 401 is the culmination of the Missions Engagement Strategy as the participant would have gone through the initial Missions 101 Education & Exposure phase, moved onto the Missions 201 Exposure & Experience phase and/ or the Missions 301 Experience & Engagement phase and is now ready to commit to being sent out by the church as a vocational missionary.

The participant can then be sent out by the church either directly to the mission field or in partnership with a Missions Sending Agency.