Cambodia At A Crossroads

OCGA Forming Partnerships for Church Planting Synergy

The OC Global Alliance (OCGA) wants to see partnerships develop that enhance kingdom efforts to plant churches…to see worshipping and witnessing communities of faith where there are currently none. The Alliance highly values catalytic Kingdom efforts that bring a synergy to ministry which moves the church into unreached areas.

Two mobilization centers in the OCGA, Philippines and Singapore entered into partnership with the gospel movement Mission Kampuchea 2021 (MK2021) for this very purpose. These OCGA mobilization centers will assist MK2021 with their vision to see 11,000 churches planted in the unreached villages of Cambodia.  Philippine Challenge missionary Dan Parilla and his wife Jean are  making plans to move to Cambodia to come alongside MK2021 Coordinator, David Lon to help David facilitate this movement’s vision. Dan brings with him not only church planting experience and a whole nation vision for church planting but also the spirit and ethos of the OCGA in his willingness to give of himself and be sent for the advancement of the church in Asia.