Our Vision, Mission, Strategy & Values


“Healthy churches working together to reach all nations”


“To mobilize godly and effective Church leaders to reach all nations”


“Using research, motivation, and training, we mobilize Church leaders to reach their nations and beyond.”


We articulate six specific values which we share.


    1.   Team

We are committed to ministry in teams.

    2.   Family

OC desires its member families to be strong and healthy, free from debilitating or disqualifying dysfunctions, and capable of fulfilling the cultural obligations of all the cultures which that family must engage (as long as those expectations are both reasonable and not prohibited by Scripture).

    3.   Partnership

To a watching world, healthy partnerships reflect the Body of Christ working together. Cooperative ministries among agencies and churches with similar vision and goals are an increasingly important means of multiplying the effectiveness of the mission’s resources.

    4.   Multiplication

We believe that the using of missionary resources to the best advantage is a key to effective ministry.  We therefore seek to develop all our ministries so as to mobilize others to accomplish the basic mission and functions of the Church with us.

    5.   Servanthood

The servant’s posture is the historical posture of OC and has proven itself to be, not only totally biblical, but extremely effective.

    6.   Freedom to Innovate

Changing contexts without a matching willingness to innovate leads to limited ministry effectiveness.  Therefore, we value a culture of innovation in a changing world.  We encourage thinking and actions that test uncharted waters of innovation.