Who We Are

OC Singapore – Resourcing Churches…Reaching Asia

Opened as an OC field in 1970, OC Singapore has a rich history in equipping and encouraging leaders, as well as building partnerships to advance the church in Asia.

When the ministry in India needed help (due to resident visa limitations for foreigners in 1996), the OC regional office in Singapore facilitated the deployment of a single woman of Indian ethnicity to India – they were first to mobilize an OC field worker that had not gone through training and support raising in the U.S. It was not long before other OC ministries around the world began creating the facilitating structures necessary to help mobilize people from their countries to other parts of the world. OC Singapore became one of the founding 10 Mobilization Centres of the OC Global Alliance (OCGA) in 2010.

Today, under the direction of the Board of Directors, OC Singapore assists national churches in equipping and mobilizing cross cultural workers and plays a catalytic role in South East Asia and beyond by resourcing ministries, developing and strengthening partnerships and equipping leaders.